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Personal history

I studied law at Radboud University in Nijmegen (formerly known as Catholic University Nijmegen). I then completed a master's program in European judicial studies at the EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration) in Maastricht. I also completed the INSOLAD/Grotius specialization program in insolvency law at the Grotius Academy. Furthermore, I completed the Specialization Course in Financial Economics for Trustees at Erasmus University Rotterdam (in collaboration with INSOLAD).

I have a lot of experience in assisting clients in typically difficult or challenging situations. As the son of a lawyer, I seemed destined to become a lawyer myself. After working for Royal Philips for several years, I established myself as an independent lawyer. Since then, I have mainly focused on the commercial practice, of which litigation is an important part. In the past, I have been active as a liquidator (in bankruptcies) and administrator (in suspension of payments proceedings) and have been involved in various high-profile cases and proceedings.

Other roles and memberships

I am legal advisor to Park Medical Centre in Rotterdam, a private healthcare organization. I am also a member of INSOLAD (a specialist organization for insolvency lawyers)

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