Civil law

Civil law, also known as private law, pertains to disputes between private individuals, companies, or individuals and companies.


Corporate law

Corporate law is the part of private law that deals with legal entities and companies.


Insolvency law

Insolvency law pertains to bankruptcy, suspension of payment, debt rescheduling for natural persons, and the confirmation of a private plan.


International law

International law pertains to situations that involve cross-border aspects.

Focus on business disputes

At Poelman c.s., we primarily focus on providing legal assistance in disputes related to business matters. Our clients turn to us when they are involved in or anticipate a conflict situation. Ideally, we are consulted before conflicts arise, so that we can use our extensive experience in legal disputes and procedures to intervene in a timely manner and prevent escalation.

Business disputes can arise in various areas, both within and between companies. We are also available to provide a second opinion in complex cases.

Legal Proceedings

When litigation is inevitable, we use our experience to assist our clients in legal proceedings they may be involved in or are considering to initiate. This can include a range of procedures, such as:

  • civil proceedings, including summary proceedings and appeal proceedings
  • seizure and foreclosure measures
  • debt collection procedures
  • insolvency procedures
  • proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • proceedings before the Netherlands Commercial Court
  • arbitration proceedings
  • preliminary witness hearings and expert reports
  • procedures relating to the Act on the Settlement of Mass Damages in Collective Action (‘Wet Afwikkeling Massaschade in Collectieve Actie’)

Our legal assistance covers various practice areas and legal fields, such as insolvency law, corporate law, civil law, and international law.

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