Civil law procedures

We provide you with advice and assistance in all civil law matters and procedures. This includes disputes concerning (the performance of) commercial contracts, such as agency and distribution agreements. You may also require advice on or assistance with debt collection and situations where conservatory or enforcement measures have been taken. Other civil law matters may relate to:

  • torts
  • state liability
  • annulment of contracts due to coercion, mistake, fraud, or abuse of circumstances
  • the so-called actio pauliana (directed against certain legal acts of a debtor to the detriment of a creditor, usually considered to be of fraudulent nature vis-à-vis creditors)
  • termination of contracts and claims for damages due to breach of contract
  • liability of service providers (tax advisers, notaries, lawyers, accountants, and banks)
  • civil enforcement of competition law (damages actions based on an infringement of competition law)

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