This experience was written by drs. H.T.M. Marée (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Park Medical Center and Park Clinic)

Dedicated and reliable

Since May 2016, we have been working with Mr. M. Poelman who serves as our in-house counsel. I have come to know Mr. Poelman as an honest, easy to approach lawyer who can be contacted for advice even outside of regular working hours. He is a team player, has a sharp mind and quickly grasps the essence of a problem to analyze it.

For anyone who wishes to do business with him, I can state that dedication, reliability, and keeping agreements are core values that characterize him.

About Park Medical Center & Park Clinic

Park Medical Center & Park Clinic is a large private healthcare organization (‘ZBC’) in the field of Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, and Plastic Surgery.

It is located in Rotterdam and has close cooperation arrangements with Erasmus MC, Franciscus Gasthuis, and Amphia Hospital in Breda, with whom service agreements have been made. In addition to these hospitals, we also facilitate other private healthcare organizations, and we have recently been chosen as the best clinics in the Netherlands on Zorgkaart Nederland for the third time. Of course, we have made agreements with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands regarding the provision of our care.

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